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Nottingham is famous for Robin Hood and his merry men. However, it is also a hugely popular place for many people to choose to live. House prices in Nottingham tend to be lower than those found in the south of England. In 2017 the average semi-detached property sold for an average of £169,500. Detached properties were selling for an approximate price of £285,000, whereas Terrace properties were selling for around £130,000.

With nothing I'm having an average price of around 189,000, it is more expensive than many of the nearby neighbouring towns and cities. Typical property prices continue to climb in Nottingham and are now an average of 12% up on the prices of 3 years ago. Being one of the largest cities in the Midlands region of Central England, it is most noted for is Legend of Robin Hood and Nottingham Castle which sits on the hilltops overlooking the town. The population of Nottingham currently stands at 320,500 and has a wealth of things for those living in the area to do.

It is also home to the University of Nottingham, which recently placed in the top 30 of all UK and European Universities and in the top 1% of universities around the world. Mortgage House are the best mortgage advisors in Nottingham and can help you find the most suitable mortgage for your buying needs. In 2017 the average semi-detached property sold for an average of £169,500.This makes Nottingham an affordable and attractive option for those in the market for purchasing a property, especially those who are looking at getting on the property ladder as first time buyers.

Finding a mortgage on your property in Nottingham does not need to be a painful task. Mortgage House is one of the most experienced mortgage advisors in Nottingham and can assist you through the process of obtaining the mortgage you require on the property of your dreams. Nottingham is rapidly developing and becoming a hub in the Midlands region of England. With a low-cost a purchase price compared to London and the south of England, Nottingham offers a place that is ideal for first-time buyers and those on a budget to secure a property fit for their purposes.

Year-on-year, more and more people are deciding to up sticks and move to Nottingham due to an improvement in the amount of employment available and some of the most beautiful homes in the UK being available for purchase there. With direct train links running to and from the capital city, Nottingham is a well-connected location that makes for the perfect place to set up home. If you have already found your perfect home and are searching for the ideal mortgage to go with it, the mortgage house, Nottingham's premier Mortgage advisors are just a call away. Finding your dream home is the hard part, and arranging your mortgage can be a pain-free, quick, and simple process when you choose to use Mortgage House, the United Kingdom's number one mortgage broker and advisors.