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Leicester Mortgage

Leicester is located in the East Midlands region of England and is a popular University City. It is full of historical buildings of importance, including the world-famous Leicester Cathedral which has played an integral part in the Heart of the City for more than 900 years. It is also home to the final resting place of King Richard the Third and is a hugely popular tourist destination. For those who are looking at purchasing property in Leicester, then obtaining the best mortgage for your needs is vital. This is where Mortgage House, the Premier Mortgage advisors in Leicester can help you get the mortgage that you desire. Mortgage House is not only the number one mortgage brokers in Leicester but are also one of the most trusted leaders across the whole of the UK.

Leicester City is also home to the namesake football team and a whole host of other fantastic attractions. For those who enjoy getting back to nature, there are many parks including Bradgate Park, Abbey Park, and Victoria Park which all offer their own unique experiences. Bradgate Park is famed for its Red Deer herds which roam free throughout the Parkland. Abby Park features many vast green spaces and is ideal for those who enjoy jogging and for family days out with picnics. Victoria Park is a spacious place which is well-known for its commemorative War Memorial. For those who have young children interested in outer space, the National Space Center will also provide plenty of educational and fun days out.

With a population of 349,000 people, there are plenty of housing opportunities available. With the average price of property being in the range of £165,000, it is an affordable and economical destination for purchasing a property. This makes it ideal for first-time buyers and those with young families. Getting your foot onto the property ladder can be difficult in many parts of the United Kingdom, but in Leicester, it should be much more comfortable. This is especially true if you use the best mortgage brokers in Leicester, mortgage house. Along with its Rich history, Leicester is also the ideal place for those looking to put their family through the best educational experience is possible. With some of the highest ranking schools in the United Kingdom, Leicester is the perfect place for your little ones to improve their knowledge and education.

Being located just a several hours drive from the capital city makes Leicester and ideal hub for those who wish to commute to work. It is a multicultural City, which is now coming across the entirety of the UK. Housing in Leicester is increasingly affordable when compared to the South and Southeast of England, get provides all of the same I mean it is and facilities that anyone could ever need. If you have found your ideal property in Leicester and are ready to take the next step by securing a mortgage, then the number one mortgage advisor in Leicester, Mortgage House will be able to help you secure the financing that you require.